Watch It Bend Studios: Corporate Video Production & Editing for Small Businesses in St. Louis

Watch It Bend Studios is a St. Louis corporate video production company offering full service video production services to local businesses and companies located throughout the St. Louis area. Our services are affordable and targeted to meeting the needs of small and local businesses. With our complete corporate video production services, we can:

  1. Shoot video using professional equipment and techniques
  2. Complete any editing or post production required including adding music, graphics, and titles
  3. Deliver videos in high quality HD digital forms

St. Louis Corporate Video Production

Our corporate video production services are affordable and ideal for small businesses in all industries. With our complete video editing, processing, and production services, we can meet any of your corporate video production needs from developing promotional videos that will advertise your business, new services, and products to producing training videos for training employees on policies and safety procedures. Whether our videos are intended to speak to potential customers and clients or your new and existing employees, you can be sure that these professional videos will portray an accurate and satisfactory image of your company.

With our complete, full-service corporate video production services, we can meet any of your small business’ professional video production needs. To learn more about our corporate video production services and to see how our affordable and professional video production and editing can help you to advertise your business to potential customers, please contact our commercial video production company.

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Our Corporate Video Production Services

  1. Promotional Video Production & Small Business Videos: As part of our corporate video production services, we can develop short promotional videos that promote a company, advertise new products, and market available services. These video production services are affordable and are ideal for all small businesses located throughout the St. Louis area.
  2. Business Training Video Production: Training videos can help businesses ensure proper training and reduce training times for new employees and other personnel. We can create professional and effective training and safety videos with our corporate video production services for any local St. Louis business.
  3. Tell your story Potential clients want to know about your company. We can produce a video that will present your company’s history right on your site. The video can also be uploaded to any of your social media sites letting your potential clients know the story of your company.

Additional Corporate Video Production Services

St. Louis Corporate Video Production Company

In addition to the main corporate video production services above, we also offer a variety of additional video editing and production services for small businesses and companies located throughout the St. Louis area. As a complete corporate video production company in St. Louis, we can offer affordable solutions to meet nearly all of your video needs. From shooting professional video to editing existing clips, we are ready to help.

If you are interested in any corporate video services not listed above, please contact our commercial video production company directly to find out how we can meet your needs.

Using your own video or photos or with our professional videography services, we can offer:

  1. Professional video coverage of company events
  2. Promotional video production for upcoming events and conferences
  3. Retirement or employee appreciation video production & editing
  4. Award ceremony and holiday celebration video production
  5. Recruiting film development
  6. And much more!

Even more services offered:

Photo Montage Video Production:

With our photo montage video production services, we can produce special videos to celebrate special events and capture special memories. We can shoot professional video clips or combine your personal videos and photos in order to create a photo montage or slideshow. By utilizing the professional video editing equipment that you would expect to find at any of the local video production companies, we are able to produce high quality videos that you will cherish for years to come.

Learn more about creating Photo Montage Videos.

Event Videography:

We can offer professional video coverage of any special event including school functions, scouting events, plays, ceremonies, and reunions. As one of St. Louis’ leading video production companies, we will use professional video equipment to capture your special event. We can then provide the necessary editing services needed to produce high quality video that you can use to remember any special event or to share events and memories with friends and family.

Learn more about our Event Videography Services.

Sports Recruiting Videos:

Corporate Video Production Company in St. Louis

With our sports recruiting video production services, we can produce high quality and professional videos for high school athletes and team highlight films. Our sports recruiting videos can help high school athletes to show off their talents and achieve scholarships at their desired colleges. For our sports video production and video editing services, we can video tape sporting games throughout the St. Louis area and utilize a combination of professional video and your personal photos or videos to create a custom highlight video.

Learn more about our Sports Recruiting Video Services.

Transferring VHS & 8mm Film to DVD:

We can transfer any family videos from old VHS or film formats to DVD or video file formats that are easy to use and share with family members. Our video transfer services also allow you to preserve old videos in new, more reliable mediums.

Learn more about Transferring VHS & 8mm to DVD.

Contact Our Video Production Company

If you are interested in learning more about any of our video production or video editing services or you would like to work with our St. Louis video production company for your video production project, please contact us online or by phone.

To learn more about any of these services and to begin working with us on your corporate video production project, call us today!