Frequently Asked Questions for Small Business Video & Video Production Services


Q: How long are photos displayed on the screen in my photo montage video?

A: Photos shown as stills (no panning or zooming) are typically shown for 6 seconds. Each photo has a 1 and ½ second transition at the beginning and end of the photo. That is a total of 3 seconds where the photo is in transition, so the actual length of the photo drops down to 3 seconds. If the photo has panning or zooming added the length of this animation is usually 7 seconds so in those cases the photo is viewable for 4 seconds. This is a guideline and could be different when considering your personal preferences. But we’ve found that this length works best for most photo montages.

Q: Can I use specific songs on my video?

A: Digital Treasure Video has a large collection of music in many different styles and genres that we own the right to use. It is all instrumental. If you have specific music you’d like to use, please contact us.

Q: How long does it take for my video to be completed?

A: Typical turnaround time is 2 – 4 weeks depending on the total running time of your video. If you need a video finished quicker, please contact us.

Q: Can you make a video data file of my completed project that I can put on my computer or USB stick?

A: Yes. All video projects can be output to either an HD video data file, or a DVD or Blu Ray disc. One or the other is included and if you want both there is a small additional fee. The video data file can be shared, copied, uploaded and downloaded. We can also provide you with a high quality back up for archiving in case you ever wanted to re import the footage for additional editing later.

Q: My video is almost done already, can I upload it and have you add some tilting or extra special effects?

A: Yes. If you just need some additions to your already edited video we can certainly use our expertise to make it even better. Our normal editing rate will apply. We would need a high quality video data file. The largest file and highest bit rate you can make.

Q: What formats do you accept for photos and video?

A: For photos please only upload Jpeg images in their original full size. For video we can take a variety of formats including Mpeg 2,.mp4, .avi, .mov, .dv, AVCHD, .mts, and .VOB.


Q: Can SD quality and HD quality video be combined in the same project?

A: Yes. If you have any HD footage you want to include and you want to keep it’s original resolution for your final video then the video must be edited in HD with all the SD material being converted to the HD format. This does not convert SD to HD quality, it just preserves the original quality in an HD format.

Q: What is the advantage of Blu Ray vs. DVD?

A: Blu Ray discs have a much higher resolution than DVD. However, unless your original material is High Def to begin with there is no advantage. .jpg images will look just as good on DVD as Blu ray. And video material in Standard Definition (not HD) will not look any better on Blu Ray than on DVD. If all of your video material is in high definition then Blu Ray must be used in order to preserve the quality of the original recording.

Q: What is a green screen and green screen shooting?

A: Green screen shooting also known as Chroma key, is a video shooting technique of putting a subject in front of a green screen in order to add special background and titling effects in post-production. It is commonly used on the news for meteorologist giving their weather report as well as in Hollywood to do some of their special effects, when going to actual location proves too costly.

Q: What is the advantage of having video on my website?

A: Having video on your website is a more interactive way to promote your business than having your potential clients read your information. Visitors to your site, will stay on your webpage longer and be more engaged with video. Video also allows you to present information more quickly and concisely than print. Research shows that video on the internet has exploded in the last few years and will continue to grow, making it a must for your website. Potential clients will come to expect to see video on your site, causing it to stand out from your competition who do not have video on their website.