Event Videography Services in St. Louis: Wedding & Special Event Video Production


As an experienced videography company in St. Louis, Watch It Bend Studios offers event videography services for your special events and occasions. We can provide 1 or 2 camera coverage for nearly any event including weddings, school events, scouting functions, religious ceremonies, bar & bat mitzvahs, graduations, award ceremonies, and much more.

With our affordable event videography services, you can select just the package you need to help you capture any special event. Each event videography package includes shooting, editing, and 3 copies of your video. These packages can even be combined with our photo montage services to create special keepsakes that combine the best of photo and video. Our event videography services are the perfect option to help you remember any special day.


To learn more about our event videography services that are available to clients throughout the St. Louis area and to find out how we can help capture your special events and memories with event videography, please contact our St. Louis video production company. As a leading video production company, we also offer Corporate Video Production services from our sister company, STL Business Video Solutions, for small businesses and firms throughout the local St. Louis area.

This corporate event videography can produce small business promotional videos, capture special events, conferences, seminars, and ceremonies, and make training videos.

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Our Event Videography Pricing Information

Our event videography services are an affordable option for your wedding, party, corporate event, or other special event. We offer professional videography with 1 or 2 operators and 1 or 2 camera coverage for any event in the St. Louis area.


For any on location shooting, either at your business, your home, or at an event space, pre-production is a must. From the time you contact us, until the day of the shoot, we will be in a pre-production mode. Tasks for pre-production include but are not limited to:

  • Initial meeting to discuss details and ideas
  • Scouting the location
  • Writing or modifying the script
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and permissions
  • Emails and phone calls to the client and other necessary parties
  • Preparing the script for the teleprompter
  • Determining what equipment is needed and buying or renting that which we don’t already have
  • Meeting with all parties, building trust and confidence

Price will vary depending on type of venue, length of video, type of video, and estimated time needed for pre-production. Cost can be between $50 and $400. Estimates can be given in writing and cost for Pre-Production needs to be paid in full once we book your video on our calendar.


The next phase is production. If we’ve done our job in pre-production, day of shooting should go smooth and as quick as possible. Production is based on an hourly rate and is available in 1 camera 1 technician, 1 camera 2 technicians, 2 cameras 1 technician (1 camera is stationary), or 2 cameras 2 technicians.

Hourly rates:

  • 1 camera, 1 technician: $245 for up to one hour, including 1 hour of set up, break down and clean up.  Additional hours are $125 billed in 15 minute increments
  • 1 camera, 2 technicians: $295 for up to 1 hour of shooting, including 1 hour of set up, break down and clean up. Additional hours are $175 billed at 15 minute increments.
  • 2 cameras, 1 technician: $295 per hour with editing (post production) included. 1 additional hour included for set up, break down and clean up.
  • 2 cameras, 2 technicians: $295 for up to one hour, $195 for additional hours, billed in 15 minute increments. 1 additional hour included for set up, break down and clean up.

Post Production:

Post production includes all the editing to create your final video as well as sending you copies for approval, making changes as needed, and creating and uploading the final video data file. One copy is included. Additional formats needed, including alternative video data file and production on hard disc (Blu Ray and DVD) are additional.

Price: $90 per hour of editing billed in 15 minute increments. Estimates will be available.

  • Additional formats, as well as copies on Blu Ray and DVD are $19.95 with additional copies of them at $9.95

To learn more information about the pricing and package options for our St. Louis event videography services, please contact our St. Louis video production company.

Event Videography for All of Your Special Occasions


Our event videography services go beyond simply wedding video production, as we can also provide professional video coverage for a variety of types of events. Our event videography services are ideal for school events, sporting events, awards ceremonies, and other onetime occasions that you want to remember and share with family and friends. Our event videography services are an affordable option for any occasion. Additionally, for group events, parents can even share the cost of the service, making this an even more affordable option for school or scouting events. Finally, schools and organizations can hire Watch It Bend Studios for videography of special events. Therefore, we will record a special event and the school can then let parents know that videos are available for purchase directly from our video production company.

Our event videography is ideal for:

  • Weddings
  • School Plays
  • Talent Shows
  • School Concerts
  • Graduations
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Scouting Activities & Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Corporate Video Productions