Photo Montage Video Services: Our Photo & Video Montage Slideshow Development

Photo Montage Video Development Services

With our photo montage services, we can put together your personal photos and video clips to create a customized slideshow or photo montage video. Our photo montage videos are perfect for remembering special events such as weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, family vacations, and more. They can also be created to celebrate special occasions and capture other memories.

With our photo montage services, we will combine photos, video clips, music, and special effects to create customized slideshows and videos that bring your personal photos and video to life and allow you to experience your memories in a whole new way.

Our professional photo montage and slideshow development services are ideal for a variety of occasions from organizing and combining photo and video memories from a special event including weddings and vacations to creating video slideshows that can be displayed during birthdays, parties, and other celebrations. We can create photo montages using your personal photos and videos for:

  • Pregnancy to Birth Memories
  • Baby’s First Birthdays
  • Weddings and Special Events
  • Engagement Celebrations
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Family Vacations
  • High School and Family Reunions
  • Funerals and Celebrations of Life
  • Military Tour of Duty Homecomings
  • Graduations
  • Retirement Celebrations
  • Scouting Events
  • Athletics
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
  • And much more!

Create a Photo Montage Video

Photo montages are a great way to organize your photos and videos in order to commemorate a special event after the fact or as a display to be included in a special celebration. To learn more about our photo montage video and slideshow development services and to find out more about working with Digital Treasure Video for the creation of your custom video, please contact our St. Louis video production company.

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Photo Montage Packages & Pricing

Pictures will be uploaded, or provided on digital media, by the client. Pictures can be .JPG or .PNG files. But .JPG files are preferred (not .JPEG) WIB will download photos making sure each one is compatible with our system, large enough to do some movement like panning and zooming, and edit them into the final product with smooth transitions and music in the background. Printed pictures that need to be scanned will incur an additional fee of $1.50.


  • $2.45 each

Video clips from phones, cameras, camcorders, and webcams, can be uploaded by the client or provided on a digital medium like a USB stick or external hard drive. Once WIB receives the files the clips will be converted if needed. The clips needed will be isolated and any special effects needed to enhance the video will be applied.


  • $11.95 each

Additional titling is available if you’d like. Although beginning and ending titles are included with your photo and video clips, if you wish to add a 3rd title or more within your video, placement and different titling effects are available as well as a multitude of fonts and styles.


  • $2.95 per additional title (1 or 2 sentences)
  • $4.95 per additional title (3 or more sentences)
  • $9.95 per credit sequence

Additional location shoot,(home interview or other) up to one hour, Additional fees apply after 1 hour of shooting. Price includes 1 hour of set up, time needed to pack and clean up, and travel time not to exceed 30 miles from our location. This includes the entire St. Louis metropolitan area.


  • $245 for first hour and $125 for additional hours, billed every 15 minutes.

Final video is delivered in .MP4 format. Other formats are available. As well as having your video on Blu Ray disc. All videos are formatted for High Definition unless standard definition is requested.


  • 1 .MP4 format or other is included.
  • Additional formats, .avi, .mov, MPEG-2 TS, etc. $19.95
  • Blu Ray disc or standard DVD $19.95
  • Additional copies of final video data file, Blu Ray or DVD $9.95

Contact our video production company or read more online to find out how the photo montage video creation process works and how to organize your photos and videos for your photo montage project.

Popular Applications for Photo Montage Videos

Family Photo Montage Video Development

Our photo montage videos are a great way to organize your personal photos and video clips in a fun and unique way. These videos can be used to share memories with friends and family or simply as a special keepsake. Our most popular types of photo montages include:

  • Baby First Year Photo Montage Videos: A baby photo montage can be a treasured keepsake for years to come. These montages can include video and photos from birth, photos from a newborn photo shoot, video clips of first words and first steps, and other videos or photos that show your baby growing up. A baby’s first year video can even make a great gift for grandparents or a fun surprise at a first birthday party.
  • Event Photo Montage Videos: We can make photo montage videos to celebrate and commemorate any type of special event including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, retirements, reunions, and more. A special event photo montage will allow you to organize and share your photos and video clips in a memorable way from any special occasion.
  • Military Tour of Duty Photo Montage Videos: Creating a photo montage with photo and video clips from your tour can allow you to organize photos and videos and share these with fellow military personnel or loved ones at home. These photo montage videos can also be created for family members while they are away on deployment. Sending a photo montage to a loved one overseas is a great way to remind them of home and show that you love and support them while they are away.