St. Louis Legal Deposition Videographer

When you are filming something as important as a deposition, you need more than just someone with a camera. A certified legal deposition videographer will make sure the integrity of the legal proceedings and the official transcript are kept intact according to the guidelines of the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) program. The CLVS program exists to set standards and provide training to enable legal deposition videographers to professionally capture legal video such as depositions, pre-trial preparations, and more.

Chris Crawford, owner of Watch It Bend Studios, has been shooting legal depositions since 2011, and became a Certified Legal Video Specialist in 2014. When you hire Watch It Bend Studios, you can be sure your legal proceedings will be free of technical issues and handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. If you need a professional legal deposition videographer in St. Louis with proven experience, contact our commercial video production company today at (314) 205-8899.

Legal Deposition Videography Pricing

Price: $175 for up to the first hour of shooting. Price includes 45 – 60 minutes of set up and break down. Additional hours are at $100 per hour billed in 15 minute increments. Reimbursement for parking and locations outside of 30 miles from our location will also be incurred.

What Does It Mean to Be a Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS)?

Legal Deposition Videographer in St. Louis - CLVS Logo

The CLVS program exists to set certain technical and ethical standards for legal deposition videographers in regards to the recording, use, and retention of legal video. Additionally, the program promotes awareness of these standards in the legal marketplace. When you hire a certified legal deposition videographer, you get the assurance that the integrity of your legal proceedings will be maintained, and that all media will be handled professionally and ethically.

The CLVS program consists of a three-step certification designed to measure and assess the legal deposition videographer’s skills and proficiency in recording and producing video in a legal environment. To become a Certified Legal Video Specialist, the legal deposition videographer must generally:

  1. Attend a three-day in-person seminar about capturing video in a legal environment.
  2. Take a written test focusing on videotape recording production, post production, legal and judicial procedures, office procedures and operating practices, and professional development.
  3. Pass a hands-on video production test where the legal deposition videographer is assessed on their ability to follow guidelines and produce usable, high quality video of the legal proceedings.

As mentioned above, Chris Crawford has been a Certified Legal Video Specialist since 2014, and has legal deposition videography experience dating back to 2011. Our videos are consistently high quality and always follow the guidelines and standards set forth by the CLVS program. Watch it Bend studios works closely with Ed Foppe at Archway Legal Services (link). Ed provides all post production services for legal videography as well as courtroom and trial presentations, and day in the life videos for law firms throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Contact Watch It Bend Studios Today for Quality Legal Deposition Videography in St. Louis

Watch it Bend has worked with many Court Reporting Firms in and around the St. Louis metro area as well as Law Firms from across the region. With a track record of happy customers and producing professional legal video, it is no wonder why so many people choose Watch It Bend Studios when they need a legal deposition videographer they can trust. So when you need video for depositions, contact our commercial video production company to ensure you are working with a Certified Legal Video Specialist using top of the line equipment and practices.