Video Transfer Services: Transferring VHS to DVD

Transferring VHS to DVD: Video to DVD Transfer Service for Home Movies

In addition to making videos to commemorate special occasions and sporting events, Watch It Bend Studios can also transfer VHS to DVD as well as convert videos from several other mediums to DVDs or downloadable video formats. Transferring videos from VHS to DVD, and from 8mm film, Super 8 film, and 8mm video to DVD is ideal for updating keepsake videos, ensuring the longevity of old family videos, and restoring other special videos.

We can transfer your videos and home movies from VHS, miniDV, 8mm film, Super 8 film, and 8mm video to DVD format and (for film) add an instrumental soundtrack to the video. Additionally, we will include a custom title and the client’s provided picture printed on the disk. For an additional charge, we can insert easy to follow Menus and Chapter Points throughout your DVD as needed.

To learn more about transferring VHS to DVD or transferring 8mm film, Super 8 film, or 8mm video to DVD in order to preserve your family memories and other special videos, please contact our video production company.

Video Transfer Pricing

Transferring old analogue or digital tapes to a video data format:

Price: Up to 120 minutes of footage transferred from video tape $29.95. For longer video, we take the total running time of the footage, divide by 120, then multiply by 29.95, for your final cost. Estimates are available at a cost of $75. We find out the running time and give you the estimate. If accepted the payment will be applied to your total bill.

Digital formats would include: DVD and video data formats like .MP4, .AVI, .MOV

Add a DVD or Blu Ray: $19.95 (additional copies $9.95)

Add a dual layer Blu Ray or DVD (twice the storage capacity): $34.95 (additional copies $14.95)

Additional video data file format: $19.95

Analogue video and film is not transferred to a high definition format, the transfer is in standard definition as there is no improvement in video quality when transferring old VHS and film to High Def.

Transferring 8mm or Super 8mm (no sound) film to digital:

Price: $39.95 for any first reel of film up to 50 ft. $12.95 per 50ft reel after that.

  • If more than 40 50ft reels are needed, first reel is $12.95
  • Larger reels that have been spliced together and in good condition will receive 15% off total transfer of that reel. A 50 ft reel is around 3 – 3 ½ minutes. Length of reel is determined by running time.

Benefits of Transferring Home Movies to DVD

Transferring your old videos and home movies from VHS or 8mm film, Super 8 film, or 8mm video to DVD offers a number of benefits and advantages. For example, transferring videos to DVD format:

  • Ensures that your videos last, since DVDs are a fairly reliable and durable format as compared to previous formats
  • Can be the perfect surprise to celebrate a birthday party, family vacation, wedding, engagement, anniversary, or other special family event or occasion
  • Allows you to share family history and videos with the entire family as DVDs are a modern and commonly used format

Transferring VHS to DVD

With our video transfer services, we can easily transfer your home videos and other special memories to DVD. We can work with a variety of video formats when transferring video to DVD including VHS tapes, Hi8, and MiniDV. Transferring VHS to DVD will protect your videos and help them to last longer as other formats including VHS tapes and Hi8 tapes can begin to show signs of deterioration over time.

When you take advantage of our services for transferring VHS to DVD, you will then have your priceless video footage and memories in a durable and reliable format. Additionally, because DVDs are commonly used by nearly every household, transferring VHS to DVD will allow you to share videos and memories with your friends and loved ones now and in the future.

Transferring VHS Video to DVD | Video Transfer Services

With our VHS to DVD transfer services, we can convert nearly any video format to a DVD, including:

  • Transferring VHS to DVD
  • Transferring VHS-C to DVD
  • Transferring Hi8 to DVD
  • Transferring MiniDV to DVD

Transferring Film to DVD

Because VHS video cameras were not introduced until 1976, they are still a relatively recent development. Therefore, many of your valuable memories and home videos may be on film. With our film conversion services, we can transfer videos from film to DVD. This will give old memories and videos new life and ensure that these family memories continue to be passed down for generations. When transferring videos from Super 8 and 8mm to DVD, we will add soft instrumental music to the background of each video and include a custom title and the client’s provided picture printed on the disk. For an additional charge, we can insert easy to follow Menus and Chapter Points throughout your DVD as needed.

With our services for transferring film to DVD, we can convert videos from a variety of film formats to DVDs. Our film to DVD conversions includes:

  • Transferring 8mm Film to DVD
  • Transferring Super 8 Film to DVD

Begin Transferring Your VHS & 8mm Film Memories to DVD

If you would like to begin the process of transferring your old VHS or film videos to DVD, please contact us today. In order for us to begin transferring VHS to DVD or transferring 8mm to DVD, we will need you to deliver or ship the original copies to our St. Louis office. Your VHS and film videos can be dropped off at our office located centrally in St. Louis near Olive and 270. You can also ship your original copies of VHS and film videos to us by mail for DVD transfer services.