Sports Recruiting Videos: Video Recording and Video Production Services in St. Louis

Sports Recruiting Videos in St. Louis

Sports recruiting videos are sports highlight videos that are designed to display high school athlete’s talents and help them pursue college scholarships based on their achievements and talents. Your sports recruiting video will capture your best plays and turn them into the concise, targeted recruiting video for which college coaches are looking. A sports recruiting video can easily pay for itself as it can help you obtain scholarships for thousands of dollars per year or semester.

At Watch It Bend Studios, we offer professional sports videography and editing services in order to produce high quality video of any local sporting game. We will record high quality video during any high school sports games throughout the St. Louis area. We can then edit and combine the professional video we capture along with your personal videos in order to create high quality sports recruiting videos that showcase each player’s talents. We offer sports recruiting video production and recording for a variety of high school sports. This includes but is not limited to production of:

  • Football Recruiting Videos
  • Basketball Recruiting Videos
  • Baseball Recruiting Videos
  • Softball Recruiting Videos
  • Soccer Recruiting Videos
  • Hockey Recruiting Videos
  • Wrestling Recruiting Videos
  • Lacrosse Recruiting Videos

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Pricing for Our Sports Recruiting Video Services

Live video coverage: $225 per game (cost can be split amongst multiple players)

Editing recruitment video either from your footage, our footage, or a combination is $90 per hour. 1 minute of recruiting video usually requires 1 hour of editing so a 5 minute video would take 5 hours to edit. (Keeping mind that a $500 – $600 video can get you $1000’s in scholarship money, these videos pay for themselves.)

To learn more about our sports recruiting video services and to find additional information on the pricing for these services, please contact our St. Louis video production company.

How our Sports Recruiting Video Production Services Work

St. Louis Sports Recruiting Video Creation Services

With our sports recruiting video production services, we can offer either individual player or complete team coverage. When the cost of our professional video recording is split among several players or the entire team, it becomes an even more affordable option for players. Therefore, teams or players can afford to have professional video coverage of multiple games in order to capture the best plays from over several games.

When choosing which games to have taped, it is important to keep in mind that the best results are achieved when games are taped from the highest vantage point such as in stadiums, high bleacher seats, or press boxes. Therefore, games in stadiums will be preferred over games held on open fields with the only vantage point being at field level from the sidelines.

We can create your sports recruiting video using a combination of your personal videos and photos as well as the professional game coverage we recorded. We accept photos and videos in all formats including from camcorders, cell phones, or digital cameras. After your sports recruiting video is complete, you can email coaches and college recruiters to view your video.

To learn more about how our sports recruiting video production and recording services work and to begin working with us to develop your sports highlight video, please contact our St. Louis video production company today.